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Planned Giving & Endowment

For more than 65 years, Jewish Family Service (JFS) has served the greater Dallas community, opening our doors to make the most impactful mental-health and social services available to anyone in need. Annually, people have opened their hearts to make contributions to JFS to support our many services. This has greatly helped offset changes in funding from organizations, the government or foundations and helped sustain and grow our services to meet and fulfill community needs.

To address these funding changes, it becomes increasingly important for JFS to secure endowment funds. These funds create further insurance, so that should personal, annual giving fall short and/or institutional funding be reduced, a reliable source of support will be available to maintain JFS services.

There are many types of gifts that can help sustain JFS for the future, such as life-insurance policies, stocks, bonds, real estate and mineral rights. Staff works closely with each donor to customize a gift that reflects the donor’s concern for the varied challenges people face when they turn to JFS and the donor’s passion for helping people address, manage and overcome these challenges. At JFS, we want all donors to feel a personal connection and family pride in the way they are strengthening their community for generations.

Opening one’s heart, through a gift today or one that will be realized tomorrow, keeps our doors open and our services available, enabling JFS to continue to provide help and hope for the future of our community.

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