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Areas of Fund Support

Feed the Hungry

Help supply families and individuals with nutritious food and prevent hunger through your support of the JFS Food Pantry. Provide children school supplies, families diapering and hygiene items, older adults and the home-bound delivered meals and holiday food for community members in need.

Help Children & Families

Help children, even those with special needs, reach their highest potential by supporting diagnostic assessments, play therapy, animal-assisted therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, parenting workshops, and school mental-health consultation for children with or without special needs.

Empower the Unemployed

Help unemployed and underemployed individuals create a future of self-sufficiency by supporting the multitude of Career & Employment Services, including: one-on-one career counseling, networking groups and workshops, testing and assessment, employment resource seminars, financial coaching, training for job skills and our Job Search Resource Center.

Offer Counseling in Crisis

From mental health addiction counseling for teens and adults, to play therapy for children to family counseling, your contribution can make a long-term difference in the lives children, teens, adults and older adults in need. Our professional mental health services are available to anyone in need for as long as needed.

Ensure Safety for Older Adults

Help us keep older adults happy, safe and independent in their own homes for as long as possible by supporting the many services for older adults including: in-home counseling, home delivered meals, housekeeping services and chaplaincy services.

Make Victims Safe

Help JFS provide safety and support for victims of domestic violence through legal support, housing, counseling, play therapy for children and social skills and support groups for the victims and their families.

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